Decom North Sea granted funds to create decommissioning knowledge hub

John Warrender; Source: Decom North Sea

Decom North Sea, a membership organization for the oil and gas late life and decommissioning sector, has secured a Decommissioning Challenge Fund (DCF) grant award from the Scottish Government.

Decom North Sea said on Tuesday that the aim of the £5 million ($6.3 million) fund was to provide opportunities for the supply chain in Scotland.


The fund will support the acceleration of projects to develop investment-grade business cases, and to fund new structures and infrastructure, allowing recipients to compete within the decommissioning market.

Following consultation with its membership and external stakeholders, Decom North Sea identified the need for a more integrated and collaborative approach to share the totality of the knowledge across the decommissioning sector.

The organization added that the application for the DCF grant was requested to create and develop a digital knowledge hub to encourage this.

Decom North Sea’s chief executive, John Warrender, said: “This is part of our overall strategy to facilitate a step change in the decommissioning sector’s ability to share knowledge, collaborate and communicate.

“Knowledge hubs are not new and have been successfully implemented in other sectors. Our aim is to replicate this success within the decommissioning sector, providing a knowledge resource that has the potential to offer a range of tools and services to help the sector share and analyze its information and engage much more effectively.”