The philosophy of KONNEKTUS in four core values, together STEP:

Strong cooperation: Our clients are looking for professionals or teams of professionals for their construction or design contracts. KONNEKTUS has the proper expertise. In this way we both do what we are good in. It proofs it works very efficiently.

Transparency: Without transparent commitments no strong cooperation.

Expertise: Our professionals are experts. It is not an open-door policy but a requirement. To ensure the expertise and keep it up-to-date we organize on a regular basis trainings but also organize meeting sessions to share the knowledge. Excellent for cognition, excellent for cooperation.

Partnership: Expertise is the basis. But aspects like personality and company culture have their influence in respect of the suitable professional (team) on the suitable project(s). All these aspects are taken into account when we deploy our professionals (teams). Only then a long term partnership can maintain.

Four core values which together ensure our clients can take the next step in their projects.

KONNEKTUS is SCC certified and NEN 4400-1 registered and also affiliated with VRO.

KONNEKTUS commits to ’horizontal monitoring’, a form of cooperation between the Dutch Tax Authorities and the company based on mutual understanding, transparency and trust. In a covenant both parties capture that in respect of legal aspects, responsibilities and the administration structure arrangements are made in advance and no auditing afterwards. A partnership that fits seamlessly with the philosophy of KONNEKTUS. A transparent example of trust.